Thank You


I find myself constantly in the place of zero. Starting over.

No matter how much I reflect on a day/week/lifetime of achievements and victories, I wake up some days afraid… “Maybe it all went away.”

And while that’s clearly ridiculous, our sometimes irrational minds can play some interesting games with us.

Still, there are times of my life where I question how I ever got where I’m standing, and if I can do it again. Will I succeed at the next thing, or perhaps I lost the magic?

I reflect on the people that have had impacts on my life. Friends, mentors, loves.

People who taught me skills. People who paved the way. People who gave me a chance. People who have appreciated me. People who gave me a moment of belief when I lost it.

People who loved me for being… Me. Even at those times I felt most unloveable.

Yet, in our self-focused existence, we can forget these thumb-prints on our lives. I realize I am largely a culmination of the read written essays, experiences, and deep soul talks in my life. With those, I’ve been influenced and my perspectives have been shaped.

Today I realize how important it is to say thank you.

To those who sent an encouraging note
To the guy who told me I was beautiful and meant it
To the new friends who openly shared their hearts with me
To the heroes who believed in their dream and went after it, and I benefited from
To the writers who poured their soul into their stories and had the courage to share
To the girls who brought me into their group and accepted me
To the guy who artistically challenges me daily
To the group of people who boldly showed their vulnerability and broke me open
To the guy I grew up with
To the mentor who gave me the foundation of my career today
To the colleagues who made mistakes and showed them openly
To the girl who walked up to me and started a beautiful friendship
To the friends who never give up on me when my life begins to swirl
To those who read my writing
To the one who tells me not to stop
To the best friend who I can be ridiculous with and never stop laughing
To the man who loves me in a way I never knew love could be experienced
To the rep who told me I changed his life
To the leader who always knew I had more to give
To the friend who doesn’t care if I have a title
To the parents who gave me a second chance at life
To the people who sacrificed before me and made the path
To the guy who broke my heart
To the one who breathed life back into me
To the girls who taught me to just dance it out after
To the person who told me I couldn’t
To the ones who show me I can

Thank you.

So I implore you… Who has shaped you, touched you, affected you? Who took a gamble on you? Who brought you up that day when the world seemed bleak?

Say it to them. Tell them thank you. Let them know what they did, no matter how big or small.

You never know who might need it. Whose life your words can shift. We forget the power of our words… To uplift, to heal, and to inspire.

Call them. Write a note. Walk up to them. Tell them often. We can all use the reminder of the magnificent things we do in this life and the way in which we touch others lives.


  1. Jean – Doing more gratitude practices in my life daily but don’t quite think I get to the point of thanking people out loud. I thank them in my journaling and writing but a good reminder to reach out to them and complete the act of gratitude!

    Thank you for the reminder and for sharing your art of writing with the world.

    1. I realized the same thing, Vishnu! And after realizing the impact of someone’s thankful words pointed towards me when I was feeling down and out, I realized the power you can have to lift another’s day or headspace, so I felt compelled to do it.

      And thank you for those words, they mean a lot.

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