Live With More F-Yeah.


I dyed my hair pink. Not all of it, but enough to be noticed.

You know when you need a shake up, not because things are bad but maybe because they’re just a bit too easy? Without discomfort, growth ceases. Only by stretching do we discover new edges. We find an extra mile.

There’s something about doing something a bit out there… The twinge of discomfort that brings our awareness forward, causes us to re-examine our path, questions how we want to feel each day and asks whether we’re doing the practices that serve that.

Loving your life is a daily choice. The power is in each of us to make new decisions, be dissatisfied, open a new door, pull lessons from difficulty.
I want people to look at my continual transformation and inspire them to create their own. Pick up the paintbrush. Use fluorescent colors. Go outside the canvas.

Growth and evolution… The journey to the next summit is where we re-imagine our limits, dig deep and build new strength.

  • I want to live more freely, dance in the middle of the street and yell in a quiet room.
  • I want to inspire more love, charge forward, hold my arms out in the rain and laugh endlessly.
  • I want to experience the lessons in pain, act audaciously and be crazily in love.
  • I want to say yes.
  • I want to set myself on fire.
Why not. Why not you. Why not now.

Marvelous creation needs an author. Write what feels good. Scribble.

When I catch a glimpse of my pink hair falling forward… It becomes my new reminder. I say to myself, oh hell yeah. Let’s do this.

Come along?

Thanks to Amber and her F-Yes Decision Making Model for inspiring this post.


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