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Love Breaks Down Walls


Independence. As an only-child, it is what I’ve owned. I’ve fought for it, worked hard to prove it, and suffered in it. Being strong was a badge I owned. Growing up in a household where I often questioned love and intention, control was important to me, a place where I could write my own story. And when standing on your own and providing for yourself is your battle cry, surrendering to love is no.. Read More

Ask For What You Want.


I generally want people to figure things out without me telling them. Usually, it’s with men. If I’m feeling insecure or unlovable, I want nothing more than for him to wrap his arms around me, reassuring me that I’m the greatest love of his life. But I don’t tell him that. If something is bothering me, rather than spit it out, I can sometimes clammer around with an obvious weight, waiting to be.. Read More

Should Your Life’s Work Stay the Same Your Whole Life?


The average employee changes jobs every four years. Yet, with each job, it’s likely you take it on as if it’s your entire “Life’s Work”. Consuming 40-80+ hours of your daylight (and sometimes night) hours while expending the best of your energy, and sending other parts of your life to the back seat. I’ve found myself here repeatedly, and watched others do the same. Our identities become interlaced with this work. We then.. Read More

It’s OK to Not Know.

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What’s next? How are you gonna make money? You didn’t get another job before you quit? What about health benefits? I. Don’t. Know. And I realize how human nature this is, we all assume working is a mandatory. At all times, we need to have a career, we need to have it all figured out, we need to have a stream of income, we need to be chasing the next thing. Or we.. Read More

Tearing Up My Script.


How many of us are living an existence primarily fueled by a script that we’ve read and never questioned? *Raises hand* I don’t believe in doing something “different” just to defy the norm, but I have come to a new place in life where I’m painfully aware of the paths or actions I’ve taken simply because they are the ones I’ve observed. In some cases I was told, expected, or just plain followed.. Read More

Selling (knives?!), Breaking Fear, & Failure.


I grew up a timid child. I was destined to be the girl who played by the rules, did what I was told, and stayed out of trouble. Fear kept me in check. I never challenged my mom. I never tried out for volleyball. I never jumped in the water. I was scared of everything. Of falling down. Of strangers. I would lie awake with a pounding heart, afraid something would happen to.. Read More

The Chase for Perfection (and why it doesn’t work).

There is no other person who can replace you in your life, in the arena you’ve been called to. If you leave your place in the line, it will remain empty. No one else can be who you are meant to be. You are the hero in your story. ~ John Eldredge I’ve been chasing. Playing catch and seek. I had to achieve. I wanted to win. I was striving to become something… Read More

Don’t Silence Your Phone.


The phone rang. As I stared at the flashing name of one of my favorite friends who was traveling in Europe, I was startled. Is something wrong? Why is he calling? This is odd… My instinct luckily rationalized before the phone stopped glowing… I swiped the screen to answer, “Well, hello there… You’re calling me?” In minutes, I was happily submerged in one of our classic deep conversations. There was no pre-call prep,.. Read More

Set Your People Up to Win.

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As supervisors, managers, and bosses, we can easily fall into a routine of absentmindedly directing and giving commands. We tell others: “Do this.” Telling, not asking. Speaking at, not with. And in harmony with expected procedures and hierarchy, our teams robotically march forward. Giving orders stunts healthy autonomy. It builds a culture of people who wait to execute, do only as they are told, and fear speaking up or stepping out. Enter an.. Read More

Always Take the Chance on Love.


I see it in her flashing eyes, the flush that’s radiating through her skin, the insuppressible smile in each syllable. The texture in her voice is overflowing with excitement and vivacity. She’s no longer in the room with me…No, she’s departed to a different time and place, enveloped in the haze and warmth of her new interest. The energy she exudes makes the goosebumps erupt on my skin, transporting me to my own.. Read More

Choose Your Words Carefully.

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As the leader of sales within a company, you often endure a daily beating. Hero or zero. I’m either on top of the world for good numbers or being treated like revolting fungus if numbers decline. It’s a battle I’m used to being in and have built a callous-of-sorts against. But I’m still a human. So, after a series of lower sales weeks (completely predictable for this time of year), I began to.. Read More

Love and Zebras.


If there’s one thing that my toggled relationship status has taught me, it’s that love takes incredible effort. Maybe it was naivety. Maybe it was wishful thinking. But that fairy-tale seemed so real. Every Disney princess movie, romantic comedy, and steamy novel– Someday a man will rescue me. He’ll whisk me away to a new life, one where flowers are pinker, worries vanish, and it all just works. Love alone will change everything… Read More

Thank You.


I find myself constantly in the place of zero. Starting over. No matter how much I reflect on a day/week/lifetime of achievements and victories, I wake up some days afraid… “Maybe it all went away.” And while that’s clearly ridiculous, our sometimes irrational minds can play some interesting games with us. Still, there are times of my life where I question how I ever got where I’m standing, and if I can do.. Read More

The Things We Didn’t Do.


One of my biggest motivators in life is porch swings. If you travel with me through any residential neighborhood, you’ll find me peering into every front deck to find them. And it’s because of this vision I have of being 80 years old (of course, I tell myself I’ll still look the same as I do today) holding hands with my eventual partner in life, able to reflect on the amazing journey I’ve.. Read More

We Should Talk to Strangers.


“Don’t talk to strangers…” That is probably one of the worst pieces of advice handed down from our parents. Yeah, they meant well, but over the years we’ve learned how to keep our eyes down…Don’t make eye contact, if I don’t look they won’t see me. Yet we all want to be seen. Months ago, I injured myself in a joyous leap (really, I tore my calf muscle in excitement). After weeks of.. Read More